Antarctica | Circuito Samba da BOA

Marketing Vision has successfully developed CIRCUITO SAMBA DA BOA, an “Always On” brand activation to accomplish a relationship program  with Samba groups in Rio.

Antarctica provided promotional materials and special pieces, that highlight the history and importance of each samba group, in addition to that, the groups were subsidized with products. Consolidating Antarctica brand with the diverse manifestations of Samba.

Marketing Vision was responsible for creative and executing process of CIRCUITO SAMBA DA BOA which was designed for the specific reality of the Roda de Samba (sponteneaous samba presentations) in Rio de Janeiro and implemented in partnership with the REDE CARIOCA DE RODAS DE SAMBA. The partnership with  REDE, which works to promote and support samba groups, legitimizes the beneficial and sustainable relationship between the brand and samba artistic movement.